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5 Ways to Love On Your Pet Today!

Feb 10, 2022 | Hemp + Heart Journal

Hey There Pet-Parent!

Sure, we all think of Valentine’s Day and right away our heads begin to fill with images of romantic dinners, heart-shaped chocolate boxes, and a plethora of roses but what about our pets who show us unconditional love 24/7 no matter the weather? They deserve a little extra love today too!

As a company committed to the wellbeing of our pets  from nose to tail of course we would take the time to write a little reminder to all loving pet-parents on how to love their fierce little fur-babies a little more today!

Here are 5 ways to love on your pet today:

  1. Go for an Extra Walk—Fresh air, sun on your face and on his/her snout, this benefits both of you!
  2. Read to you Pet—No, it doesn’t haven’t to be a pet-related book, read a book out loud and allow your pet to benefit from a good ol’ head or back scratch while you read
  3. Did Someone Say Treat?—Give that pawtastic family member a special treat today!
  4. Clean Their Bedding—Nothing screams I love more than fresh sheets and a nicely made bed, so why not take the time to clean our pet’s bedding today! I promise it won’t go unnoticed.
  5. CBD LOVE—Soothe your Pet’s inner RAWR or sassy meows with some pet-parent approved CBD from Grass Paws!

Happy Valentine’s Day from our slobbery kisses and purring machines to yours!

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