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Catnip Oil vs CBD Oil | 3 things you should know

Mar 3, 2022 | Hemp + Heart Journal

Hey There Pet-Parent!

With all the natural remedies on the shelf to help our fabulously feisty felines calm down there is without a doubt you have come across cat-nip oil and CBD oil tucked into the shelves along with the rest. We’ve all had that experience with some sassy cat who has taken a little too much cat-nip and the outcome at times can be, well, questionable in behavior. But with the initial stigma, which is fading quickly as this 1.9 billion dollar industry grows like wild weeds along the highway, linking CBD to marihuana, some pet-parents are nervous that CBD will leave their cats floating away high as a kite.

So here are 3 differences between catnip oil and CBD oil all pet owners should be aware of:

We cannot sing the praises of hemp derived CBD enough in our home and on our farm with our hearty farm cats who roam the vast fields of 5’-8’ plants taking shade below the canopy or hunting for mice.

CBD is a superior alternative with amazing benefits and to relax your tense shoulders about it’s deep connection with marihuana, it does not make you or your cat, or any family member high.


The Bodily or Physiological Effects are Indeed Different!

Catnip Oil gets your pet high, like one would imagine marihuana doing, while CBD oil does not! Both oils trigger different parts of Sassy’s brain.

Catnip binds to the receptors on/in your cat’s nose and has he or she inhales nepetalactone which then stimulates areas of the brain including the amygdala, the hypothalamus, and the olfactory bulb. Catnip oil also messes with the emotional response of a feline, which can lead to an intensified version of what you wanted to calm down in the first place. Watch your hands when reaching to pet a cat on catnip oil, YIKES!

CBD (cannabidiol) comes from hemp derived cannabis plants, but unlike marihuana derived cannabis plants, hemp does not contain high levels of the psychoactive ingredient called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. However, understand that full-spectrum products like that of Grass Paws, keep the trace amounts of THC in all those products intact, whole pet—whole plant, because of it actually enhances the effectiveness of the other cannabidiols like; CBD, CBG, CBG, CBC… and more. So why take out something so beneficial to pets and humans alike?

Just like us, cat’s have an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which is a system using two main receptors CB1, CB2, to introduce CBD into your system!


The Duration of our Feline’s Beneficial VIBES TIMES are Different

Catnip oil’s high times are very short lived, maybe lasting 10-15 minutes before he or she crashes into exhaustion. Once this high wears off it can take a few hours before the feline’s body is ready to recreate the same effect.
CBD can be more regulated and can last up to 4-6 hours depending on his or her metabolism and dosage. CBD can be used for situational anxiety like going to the vet, 4th of July, or hitting the road with Mom and Dad to visit Grandma a couple states away as well as daily consumption addressing any systemic inflammation, pain, anxiety, and sleep.


The Benefits Run Deep with CBD

If Sassy suffers from chronic conditions CBD is a superb alternative to catnip oil. Here is a scratch free laundry list of benefits; relieving stress and anxiety, reducing pain, treating inflammation, balancing their hormonal production, lessening aggression, soothing their nerves, relaxing them into the parasympathetic nervous system so they can feel more grounded and rest.

CBD is now also known for helping out loved felines with more severe conditions like; cancer, gastrointestinal issues, epilepsy, asthma, and more.

So, after comparing the 3 differences in this blog CBD wins in our eyes, hands down!
Click the follow links to learn more about the CBD Basics and CBD and Pets

“At Grass Paws we take the extra steps needed to grow and craft your pet’s herbal remedies with just as much love as we do yours.”

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