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The Connection Between Myocarditis and CBD

Aug 19, 2021 | Hemp + Heart Journal

Your heart is one of the most important organs in your body. Think of it as the body’s engine room, responsible for pumping blood around your entire body, delivering oxygen and nutrients to your cells, and removing waste products. When your heart experiences inflammation, it can affect how it functions.

One disease in particular, called myocarditis, can enlarge and weaken your heart, create star tissue, and force it to work harder to circulate blood and oxygen throughout the body. Even though it is considered rare, there are approximately 1.5 million cases worldwide per year.

Continue reading to learn more about myocarditis and some new approaches to treatment options:


What Causes Myocarditis?

Myocarditis symptoms can vary depending on the cause and severity. Some common signs and symptoms include chest pain, rapid or abnormal heart rhythms, fluid retention, shortness of breath, fever, headache, body aches, and more. While many assume that heart problems are associated with old age and bad diet, this condition can happen to anyone at any age — even young adults, children, and infants.

Now you may be wondering what causes myocarditis. According to research, potential causes for developing this disease include viral infections, bacterial infections, parasites, fungi, medications, substance abuse, chemicals, or radiation. While many things can lead to inflammation in the heart, it’s critical to pay close attention to your body to identify signs.


How Can I Prevent/Treat Myocarditis?

There are no specific steps to take to prevent the development of myocarditis. However, it would be smart to avoid people who are ill with viral or bacterial infections. Always remember to follow good hygiene such as active hand-washing and limited contact with your nose, eyes, and mouth.

When it comes to treatment, doctors recommend taking certain medication to regulate the heartbeat, and sometimes even suppress the immune system. Conventional immunosuppressive therapies often provide unsatisfactory results, and have been associated with adverse effects.

Did you know that CBD may present a promising treatment for managing autoimmune myocarditis? According to studies, chronic treatment with CBD supplements can provide anti-inflammatory benefits to help improve cardiac dysfunction and heart failure. CBD has proven to offer tremendous therapeutic benefits for a variety of ailments. Further research and exploration of CBD and its cardioprotective possibilities could offer an effective approach to treating people with acute myocarditis.

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