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Why Do We Hang Dry Our (hemp derived) Cannabis Upside Down?

Oct 14, 2021 | Hemp + Heart Journal

It’s easy to give up on the last mile when you’ve been hand weeding all summer, monitoring your plants from seed to buds around the clock for days, weeks, and months on end. Sure, why not just cut a few corners now, we are exhausted! Atlas we cannot! The last milestone is a very important one indeed to stay focused and keep our nose to the grinding wheel. Drying is an art just like every aspect of this process and how you dry is just as important as how and why one does anything really.

Upside down drying is a deeply-engraved practice in the cannabis world and it is backed with a lot of history and positive outcomes.

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Why do we dry upside down?

Think… gravity. When we hang our cannabis plants upside down the sap flow (oil) will continue moving towards the end of the buds. This technique will increase the moisture in the plant, slowing down the drying process (slower is better in this case,) which will allow more time for chlorophyll and sugars to break down without losing terpenes, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. This gives your final biomass an extra boost of flavor and aroma before we enter extraction.


Space and Airflow is Vital

When creating a drying space for your upside down plants it is vital to make sure airflow and temperatures are set to optimally dry your plants. During the drying process, especially before the plants are dry they are wet and moist creating a perfect condition for pests and disease to set in and spread, if the plants are touching. Trust us on this, mold is not something you want festing on your plants, NOPE!

Note: That your native climate / drying environment will always dictate how fast or slow this process goes as humidity can contribute to fungal and mold growth and spread. (ew!)


Slow Drying Wins the Race

Rushing the drying process is tempting, and we get it, but the richness of your oil and buds alike depend on this process. These plants are delicate, and fragile in this stage and they need to be treated like so. A slow dry will take your hard months of work further. It is more beneficial for your plants so all the delicious good stuff doesn’t evaporate too quickly, like rapid terpene loss!

So Wish us luck my friends as we are closing in on our final drying moments to bring you the richest final product Mother Nature has to offer via our hard working hands.

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