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Rookie CBD User, Pt. II

Nov 3, 2022 | Hemp + Heart Journal

Although the little and mighty letters C-B-D are appearing everywhere more frequently there is still a wildly large community who fear the idea of even trying the hemp-derived form of cannabis. Will it get me high? Will I lose my job? Would this make me an irresponsible parent? The fear based stigma is still out there and we are here to gently guide you through the misconceptions, societal stigmas, and diving a little deeper in the understanding of this plant that seems to do so much for so many people.

A lot of cannabis users aren’t using this plant to try and get high, nope, at all. The majority of people engage with this plant’s medicinal benefits for aiding their daily anxiety, sleeping issues, or for chronic pain, while others turn to it to relax, much like a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

“CBD has been an enjoyable part of my ‘wind it down routine’ at the end of a taxing work day.”

In Rookie CBD User, Part One, we addressed much of the basics including a few quick Terms + Definitions. In Part II we will continue unveiling the mysteries of this beneficial plant.

When diving deeper past the canopy of this plant we have learned there is still much uncertainty and fear around introducing CBD into your daily routine. The reality is that many people have unanswered questions, and so we are here to address the top ones that cross our path as a pioneering company in the hemp-derived cannabis industry.


How do I take CBD?

Sublingual is the number one clinically proven beneficial method to absorb the most CBD into your system through the soft tissues under your tongue which is a location of a major artery and quickly enter the bloodstream. When someone holds the liquid gold under their tongue you bypass the digestive system effects of filtering out most of the active cannabinoids.


How often can I take it?

This is really up to you. Our conscious consumers have reported the following; taking their optimal dose once a day, morning or night, splitting their dosage up throughout the day, or taking a dose during situational needs, like an environmental situation that may spike anxiety.


How much CBD do I take?

We will always suggest you to start low and go slow, until you find your “Goldilocks Sweet Spot,” where your body feels just right.

We recommend ¼ -½ a dropper sublingually, wait 30-40minutes, increase or decrease as needed.


My job drug tests me, will I be positive for THC?

This is a tricky question to answer, because there are variables involved, like the type of drug test a company may use for example, your metabolism production, so even though it is highly unlikely one would test positive…. the short and safe answer that we can give you is the following…

If you know your company tests, a CBD isolate would be the only option we would suggest you use, this is a singular compound of CBD-A, this will not give your the Entourage Effect at all, which is only achieved thought full-spectrum CBD, but you will gain the benefits of the anti-inflammatory properties that CBD-A provides.

Yes, I bet I know your next question, what about ‘Broad spectrum,’ this claims to have no THC, well, this loops us back to the previous variable on ‘the style of drug test used.’ If this test is looking for an enzyme, particularly a cannabinoid enzyme, this does not just live singularly with the compound of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol,) but in all 100+ cannabinoid compounds found in all cannabis related plants… see my drift?

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